Engaging Science
in Ministry Education

Regent College


Engaging Science
in Ministry Education

Regent College

Dr. Francis S. Collins Awarded 2020 Templeton Prize

We express our warmest congratulations to Dr. Francis Collins for the well-deserved honour

Revisiting Coinherence

In much contemporary Western thought, science and theology are seen in opposition. Some find harmony or mutuality between the two fields. But few go as far as Ross Hastings to say the disciplines are coinherent.

The Art of Living for the Technological Age: Toward a Humanizing Performance

The crisis of techno-ontology is not a technological crisis, but an anthropological crisis writes Ashley Moyse in his newest book.

Featured Audio

David Clough

On Animals Volume II: The Challenge of Christian Animal Ethics
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Sy Garte

A Scientist's Journey from Atheism to Faith
September 28, 2020

Alister McGrath

Science and Faith: Conflicting or Enriching?
September 18, 2018

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