Creation Ex Nihilo and the Sciences

An interview with ACTS Seminary professor Yonghua Ge about the theological notion of creation “out of nothing” - creatio ex nihilo

Science, Pastoral Ministry, and Systematic Vision

A second interview with Sarah Coakley about her experience in hospital and prison chaplaincies, the category of "race"/racism, and what her scientific study means for her systematics.

Evolutionary Biology and Apologetics

An interview with Sarah Coakley, Emeritus Norris-Hulse Professor at the University of Cambridge, about her work at the interface of theology and the biological sciences.

The Challenge of Christian Animal Ethics

An interview with David Clough, Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Chester (UK) in advance of his public lecture at Regent College.

Bringing Beauty Back to Science

We asked a few big questions of Dr. Alister McGrath, our first Interface speaker

Theology and Science: A Coinherent History of Ideas, part 1

A public lecture given by Ross Hastings in conjunction with the release of his book Echoes of Coinherence